My name is Jack Koloskus. I'm a designer, brand consultant, and new media artist based in Brooklyn. I owe a lot of my design sensibilities to my time in Oakland and that California Lifestyle. I like experimental design, fixing motorcycles, and gardening. Before going to school for graphic design I was going to study painting and drawing. The farthest I've ever been from where I was born is 5261 miles. I speak French fluently.

I graduated from California College of the Arts with honors in 2015. I've taught at Denver School of the Arts. I've worked at places like Moving Brands and MendeDesign, and have freelanced for 5 years now, working with clients like Adobe, GAP, Banana Republic, MoMA, and more.

Most recently I spoke at Counterpath in their mini-conference Blind Date with Democracy: Experiments and Conversations on Gathering.

The book I'm reading at the moment is Blood Meridian. Lately I've been listening to an absurd amount of Future Islands. My favorite thing on the internet is the simple english Wikipedia article on Deconstruction.

I know my way around several coding languages. The javascript libraries I use most often are Paper.js, Three.js, and Node.js. I like to hand code websites because I like how it looks, I consider it meditative, and it allows me to do crazy shit.

-> Paper.js
-> Node.js
-> jQuery
-> Three.js

I have friends (believe it or not) like Fletcher Graham, Sarah Kim, John Provencher, Lisa Ferkel, Ben Wasserman, Christian Hawkins, Suwanna Ruayrinsaowarot, and Matt Lew.

There are some people out there who inspire me and that I wouldn't be the same designer/person I am today if it weren't for, including Nick Briz, Jenny Odell, Lawrence Weiner, Keetra Dixon, and JK Keller.

I, like most people, am elsewhere on the internet in places like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, GitHub, and Behance

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