Jack Koloskus


I am a designer based between New Paltz and Brooklyn. I work primarily in branding and website design. I do editorial illustration, both 2D and 3D. I also have experience working on environmental design projects, as well as writing CSS and light javascript in production environments. I built this website myself using PHP and KirbyCMS. I'm was most recently Lead Designer on the engineering team at BDG, Inc., where I brought the design system we developed at The Outline to their portfolio of sites. If you are interested in working together drop me a line at jack [at] this website url. If for some reason you want to see my older portfolio site (2014–2023) you can find an archive here.

Freelance clients include: Wall Street Journal, 2x4, Wolff Olins, MoMA, GAP.
Skills/programs: Blender 😍, Figma, Adobe blah blah, Git/Github
Programming Languages: Python, Javascript, CSS

Here's a picture of my dog Ling: