BFA Thesis Project

For our BFA thesis the entire graphic design class was tasked with coming up with a project in response to the word "private"

It's no secret that privacy is a hot button issue right now. Every news story seems to bring with it some tie to privacy or the lack of it. Thus far the discussion surrounding the current state of privacy has been one (understandably) held in a negative context. With this project I set out to find something beautiful in a space that has only been made accessible because of the decreased amount of privacy that exists today.

These images were captured through unsecured webcams all over the world.

Using a script that scrapes the internet for webcams with default usernames and passwords, I gathered a database of webcams sortable by location and activity. For the entire semester I watched the webcams on a daily basis in search of something beautiful. The final selected images were enlarged to 44" x 33" photographic prints.

This project is ongoing.