Jack Koloskus


Company: BDG, Inc.
President; Culture and Innovation: Josh Topolsky
Editor in Chief: Leah Finnegan
Branding & Initial Site Design Direction: Jack Koloskus
Further Site Design: Code & Theory

Gawker Branding + Site Design

In November 2020 BDG began the relaunch process for Gawker under Leah Finnegan. Gawker helped usher in the blog era, and we paid tribute to that by using two fonts emblematic of the time: Arial and Georgia, Gawker's two original fonts. We also added a standout typeface, Mark Simonson's Etna, to separate the aesthetic from generic web brutalism.

The branding is centered on the idea that Gawker is already a well known name, and the voice of the content is powerful enough on its own; you don't need to read the logo to know where you are. Thus in almost all cases the logo is extremely cropped and obscured.